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Hall of Scrolls

Hall of Scrolls Dede and I went to another escape room this weekend!

It was in Aubrey, TX, about 30 minutes north of us.  Since we live far north of Dallas already, the escape room company was well north outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
It was run by a woman named Tina, and she only had one game to play, "Hall of Scrolls", which she designed herself.  She chose to make it Bible-themed; one must have Bible knowledge to complete it (a fact she really should make known to her customers before they decide to play).  The back story of the game involved a church that was about to be torn down unless someone could find gold rumored to be in a secret passageway.
We did really well, as we still remember our Sunday School days.  The game was divided into six parts.  We aced the first part, "Books of the Bible"--matching verses from the Bible to their Bible book--in seven minutes.  The next part, "The Six Paintings", in which one must assemble six four-p…

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